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New class in Lake Country for girls aged 6 and up will start in October 2018 ending with a Christmas Presentation in December. Apparatus skills will be taught - ribbons, hoops, balls and ropes. No uniform is required for this class. Please contact us for more information.

Classes locations

- French School,675 Lequime Road, Mission, Kelowna

- Memorial Hall, Lake Country

About Rhythmic Gymnastics

When you hear the word 'gymnastics' you probably think of the daring flips on beam or impossible maneuvers on uneven bars.

There, however, exists a different kind of gymnastics altogether known as Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and precise Olympic sports. It is a combination of dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics, technical knowledge of ballet, self-expression and modern dance. 

It is choreographed to music and accompanied by colourful ribbons, hoops, balls and clubs. Whether using the official apparatus or alternative ones, such as scarves or wide ribbons, the dramatic and exciting movements of this sport create a captivating spectacle.

About the program

Designed for absolute beginners or those with little previous background the program is a gentle introduction to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Girls learn the basics of ballet, musical movements, the technique of handling the apparatus and overall body control.

The program is mainly for 5-10 year olds. There is a possibility to accommodate older girls too.

The program runs from September until Mid-March with a holiday break in December.

Taster sessions are also  available.

Various tests and presentations keep gymnasts more focused on their progress throughout the training.

Using colourful balls, ribbons, ropes, clubs and hoops girls will learn to move with music and perform fun and creative  routines.

They also learn about healthy competition, training ethics and comradeship.

The club holds 'Gymnast of the month' event which is open to everyone and  selected by several criteria.

The winner's photo is posted on the club's newsletter.


All apparatus are provided during classes and performances.

Personal apparatus are also available for purshase.

At the end of the training year all girls will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Athletes who show aptitude and interest for more advanced programs will be invited to join the Performance class.

For more information or to register please call: 1-250-766-9398
or e-mail:




Performance Class

Performance class is open for gymnasts of 9-14 years of age and with minimum of two years of Rhythmic Gymnastics background.

Girls will practice more complicated apparatus handling skills as well as perfecting their gymnastics, dance and ballet movements.


Tests and Presentations

Every year we hold  Christmas and Spring  Presentations for athletes to demonstrate their progress in front of  family and friends. These are mandatory for all athletes. Gymnasts perform either group or individual routines depending on the class they are in.

There are sometimes additional presentations throughout the year and girls are encouraged to perform at different venues i.e. 'Fat Cat' Festival in Kelowna or 'Dance Around the World' in Lake Country and in front of the spectators others than their parents. This often boosts gymnasts' self-confidence and sence of achievement.

Gym Protocol (for gymnasts and parents)

1. Appearance.
All athletes must have a black body suit, black shorts and rhythmic gymnastics  slippers to practice in the gym. Hair should be done in a high ponytail or a bun.  It is acceptable to wear a tracksuit or a sweater during the first few minutes of warm up, however after the firts stage of warm up only a training suit can be worn.

2. Arriving Ready and on Time.
Please ensure you arrive for the practice on time and with appropriate clothing for the gym. Arriving at or after the start time of your class or unprepared makes it impossible for you to get a full warm up without delaying the entire class. It can be dangerous to practice without a full warm up.

3. Refreshments.
It is recommended to have a personal bottle full of water for each practice.

4. Parent viewing.
In the interest of the training process parents should not be present during the practice as it can be very distracting for children.

5. Pick up/Drop off.
Please adhere closely to pick up and drop off times. There might be a class starting immediately after yours. If you arrived too early please wait quietly as it is not fair on the girls who are still practicing.

6. Missing classes.
If you know that you are going to miss a class please leave a message on 1-250-766 9398 in advance. This will prevent any delays on the day as we would still wait for you to arrive.  It will be  possible to make up missed classes with another group. 

About the coach

Svetlana Rasseko is a qualified National, Provincional and Development coach originally from Europe with over 25 years of experience in teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics at all levels including Olympics.

Starting Rhythmic Gymnastics at the age of 9 she has won many national competitions and after graduating with a RG Coach Degree Svetlana began working at one of the Olympic  Schools in  Minsk.

She has a vast international experience having trained gymnasts in many different countries such as Finland, Hungary, Slovenia and Malaysia. 

 Since she came to Canada in 1999 Svetlana has continued her work as a coach.

She shared her expertise with  Vernon Rhythmic Gymnastics club successfully preparing athletes for Western and Canadian National Championships
before moving to Kelowna and founding Kelowna Rhythmic Gymnastics club in 2003.
At the same time she has been teaching dance and ballet at the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre.

Svetlana has a true passion for the sport she has been doing all her life -  Rhythmic

Short History of Rhythmic  Gymnastics                     

Although some proponents date it's origin all the way to ancient Egyptians, the ballet - like grace and athletic flexibility of rhythmic gymnastics is created in Europe in early 1900's. The first attempt at establishing a separate competitive discipline outside of the boundaries of women's artistic gymnastics was introduced as its own competitive sport.
By 1961 the first International competition was held between the Soviet, Bulgarian and Czechoslovakian delegation. That year the Soviet and Bulgarian dominated the competitions and have continued to occupy the top sports internationally for the past 40 years.

In 1984 the individual all around competition was added to the Olympic Games and the first gold medal was won by Canada's Lory Fung. Today the only athlete to ever win more then one medal in this event is Alexandra Timoshenko who won gold in 1992 and bronze in 1988 for the former Soviet Union.


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